Future of Monogame since XNA is dead?

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Jul 19, 2013 at 7:52 PM
Uhh yeah so sadly XNA looks pretty much dead. What does that mean for Monogame? I'm looking at using it for a game but really don't want to jump on board yet another dead end platform. ;(
Jul 19, 2013 at 8:59 PM
The point of MonoGame was to prevent this fear of XNA dying.

Myth #1 - XNA is dead. No, XNA is not dead, it is now in a mature maintenance mode at Microsoft. It will be around for another decade, just not having new features added. Proof of this is in the limited XNA project that Windows Phone 8 SDK outputs when you create a Windows Phone 8 "game." MonoGame has to explicitly remove those references so that its own XNA runs on Windows Phone 8.

Myth #2 - Microsoft XNA future impacts MonoGame. MonoGame exists to support the XNA framework API so that you can take existing XNA games and port them to other platforms in a seamless manner. It does not rely upon Microsoft XNA being supported by Microsoft.

Myth #3 - MonoGame is a dead end platform. Recent additions to MonoGame have taken it outside of the boundaries of XNA. It will continue along this path, but only in a cross platform manner.

Myth #4 - You have to start with a Microsoft XNA project to use MonoGame. This is a content pipeline myth that we are working on. There are some aspects of the content build pipeline that require Microsoft XNA, such as the processing of model files. Mostly, though, there is a content builder that lives outside of the realm of Microsoft and can produce XNB files that can be used in MonoGame across the realm of its 10+ platforms.

Did I miss any other myths??
Jul 20, 2013 at 12:39 PM
The original point of MonoGame (SilverSprite and then XnaTouch as it was previously known) was to bring the XNA style of game development to other platforms. It has since evolved into something more, and the deprecation of XNA has allowed MonoGame to step up to the plate and continue to provide the XNA style on new Microsoft platforms as well as the many other platforms it already supports.

What is the future of MonoGame? It will only grow stronger. We are currently developing our own cross-platform content build pipeline so we remove all dependency on the XNA content build pipeline. We will be going beyond the XNA feature set where the platforms allow. There are other things that we cannot talk about yet, but be assured that MonoGame is far from being a dead end platform.