What is MonoGame?

MonoGame is an Open Source implementation of the Microsoft XNA 4 Framework. Our goal is to allow XNA developers on Xbox 360, Windows & Windows Phone to port their games to the iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows 8 Metro.  PlayStation Mobile development is currently in progress.

Found a bug/issue?

If you have an issue, ask on the IRC channel (#MonoGame on irc.gnome.org) as it might be something we can help with. If you think it is a problem within the code then please submit a new issue on the github issues page. Make sure you check the existing issues to for duplicates and do provide as much information as possible.

Also make sure you label it with the platform the issue is on (Android,iOS,Linux, Mac etc), the version of MonoGame and or the branch you are working from  (develop/develop3d). Not doing so will increase the time it takes for us to assign the issue to the appropriate team members.

Want to Contribute?

We do accept community contributions. However please note that we cannot accept code that has been disassembled from the XNA Framework via Reflector or any other .NET disassembler. This is to protect you and the MonoGame project from any potential legal action.

Please see http://www.mono-project.com/Contributing for the important rules when contributing code.

Visit https://github.com/mono/MonoGame to fork the code and submit patches and pull requests.

Under the hood

These are the technologies we use under the hood, that make our API so cross-platform...

OpenTK - The Open Toolkit is an advanced, low-level C# library that wraps OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL. It is suitable for games, scientific applications and any other project that requires 3d graphics, audio or compute functionality.

SharpDXSharpDX is an open-source project delivering the full DirectX API under the .Net platform, allowing the development of high performance game, 2D and 3D graphics rendering as well as realtime sound application. 

Lidgren.Network - Lidgren.Network is a networking library for .net framework which uses a single udp socket to deliver a simple API for connecting a client to a server, reading and sending messages. This is the third version of the library.


Looking for Logos to promote the fact that your game was written using MonoGame? Get them here 


If you would like to help the MonoGame project and or feel it has helped you reach a new audience on other platforms, do consider donating something to the project.

All money will go towards hardware for testing, continuous integration build servers and helping core team members to promote and evangelise MonoGame, at game developer events around the world.

To who how much has been donated so far, visit our Donations page.


16th November 2012

Microsoft UK are hold a new competition of UK game developers called "Power Up" where MonoGame use is encouraged. Read more about it. Deadline is 14th of December, so get porting NOW!

The prizes are very impressive, so Jump In!

5th November 2012

  The Channel 9 interview from Build 2012 us up now.  Go take a look and tweet about it!


31st October 2012

Craftwork Games has posted a tutorial on using AngelCode's Bitmap Font Generator tool with MonoGame.


24th October 2012

Going to the Microsoft //BUILD/ conference?  There will be a free MonoGame presentation and meet-up on the Microsoft campus covering the latest information about XNA, MonoGame, porting from to Windows 8, and more.  You can find details and reserve a free ticket on the event page.  Please pass the news along to others.... see you at //BUILD/!


18th October 2012

We're proud to announce that MonoGame 3.0 BETA is now available for download. Please try it out and report any issues so we can make the final 3.0 release as stable as possible.


1st October 2012

klutzgames have released their third cross-platform title using MonoGame, LeaderFlip, now available in the iOS App Store and Google Play.  Also check out their blog for cross-platform development articles.


30th August 2012

Bastion is now available on the iOS App Store for iPad! Only $4.99! More information and trailer available from Super Giant's website.

In other news we've been a little bit quiet of late, but rest assured this swan is paddling madly under the calm exterior. The team is gearing up for the 3.0 release in October. Our biggest, and we hope our best yet.


29th July 2012

GemFinder MT, an XNA Platformer clone, is now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store! It is free and makes use of the Kiip reward software. We'll post a link to the iOS and Android bindings shortly.

16th July 2012

Dreadlocks, the devs behind Rune Legend have just told us that their game is available on the Windows 8 Preview Store. Their port is based off  our develop3d branch, which will eventually become v3.0, when it is publicly releases. Download it from the Windows 8 Store now.

Hackwork is a new "node-based 3D realtime strategy game in which you have to slip into the role of a hacker and control your army of viruses in a smart way in order to take over as many machines as possible."  It has been released for Windows and Linux, using MonoGame for the Linux version.  It is available here, and watch some videos of it on YouTube.


11th July 2012

XNA Platformer demo running on PlayStation Vita using MonoGame

5th July 2012

ARMED!, the first game ported to Windows 8 Metro using MonoGame, is now available on the Windows Store.  Congratulations to Tom Spilman and the team at Sickhead Games for a fantastic result.  Windows 8 Metro is now officially supported!

28th June 2012

GunPile Games has released aliEnd, a "fast-paced arcade game where you must clear the alien infestations from extraterrestrial worlds".  Now available on Google Play, and coming soon for Kindle Fire, iOS, Windows Phone and XBLIG.

7th June 2012

Smashing Planets, a game that merges puzzle elements in a shoot’em up where you must draw the path for missiles to protect the planet from alien threats, has been released on the App StoreGoogle Play, Windows Phone Marketplace and soon on the Amazon Store.

1st June 2012

Supergiant Games has now used MonoGame to port Bastion to Linux. Grab it now as part of the Humble Bundle

31st May 2012

Hiragana Pixel Party is now available for iOS.  Learn how to read Japanese with a native Japanese speaker in this "rhythm action platformer Japanese learning chip-tune adventure".  View the trailer.

About To Blow Up Part 1, a "hilariously insane hip-hop cartoon adventure jam-packed with crazy characters and mind melting puzzles" has been released on the Mac App Store.  Find out more along with screenshots and videos at the game's website.

27th of May 2012

Poker Blitz is not available on the iOS App Store for free, with In App Purchases.

22nd of May 2012

Thanks to the developers at Cloudstorm, Puzzle IT is now available on the Android Market Place.

10th of May 2012

Space Racer MT is now available on the iOS App Store. Has integrated Game Center and In App Purchases.

9th of May 2012

 Tiny Land a game by Mohammad Jabbari, was released on the iOS App Store.

7th of May 2012
Sickhead Games have officially announced that ARMED! will be coming to iOS and Windows 8 Metro, thanks to MonoGame!! These versions are using the, under HEAVY development, develop3d branch of MonoGame.


ARMED! running on WP7, Windows 8 Metro and iOS


More news about progress, coming soon. 

2nd of May 2012
!!!Alter Ego
You need Mono 2.10+ and SDLMixer 1.2 to play.
Run AlterEgo.sh to play.
Alter Ego Download


This game has won numerous awards for its narration and music, when it was released on XBox 360. It got glow reviews when they released on Chrome ( using a modified MonoGame ) and now the development team has confirmed on twitter that they used MonoGame to port their game to MacOS X and therefore onto MacOS App Store.

Click here to view the video.

This is what players had to say about the Mac OS version of the game...

  • Beautiful scenes, elegant game play, immersive music and Logan Cunningham as the smooth narrator! (sooo easy to listen to him tell the story.) Wonderful adventure game. Indy developed game. It's like a perfect rock star story about making it to the big time (WB). And it so deserved it. 5/5

Bubbly Eyes is now available on the iOS AppStore.

Smashing Planets will soon be coming to a mobile device near you, thanks to MonoGame. The gameplay video above looks fun and quite polished.

Suicide Kings 2 is now available on the iOS AppStore.

v2.5 has been released!! Download it now.

We've also added a new project to the "In Development" list, that is being ported to MonoGame. The project is called Voxeliq and a video of their progress can be seen here...
Click here to view the video.

Infinite Flight, MonoGame's first 3D powered game, has been released on the Apple App Store.


Infinite Flight

This awesome flight simulator is now available on the Apple App Store.

Click here to view the video.

Here are some quotes from people how have played it already.

  • Looks great, very smooth, very complete. 5/5
  • Wow, this is fantastic. I just finished flying from KLAZ-KSAN and it was amazing. I am really excited for A321,CRJ and all the other planes. X plane has been deleted :))) 5/5
  • This simulator is fantastic!!!! Best yet!! Looking forward to more planes and cockpits :) 5/5

This is MonoGame's first 3D game and we are very grateful that Inflight Dev Studio donated their changes back to our codebase, thus speeding up our 3D implementation immeasurably.

Current Roadmap

  1. Stabalise 3D support, then release MonoGame 3.0 :).
  2. Sony PlayStation Suite support.
  3. Window 8, WinRT support.

See MonoGame in action

On the Apple iOS App Store

Game Screenshot/Video
Console Wars
Think Thought Thunk


Out Now On the Mac OS X App Store

Out Now On the Android App Store

*Out now on Linux

*Out now on MacOS X

Let us know about your MonoGame game/app that is on the Apple App Store, so we can feature it here.

In development

Let us know about your MonoGame project so we can feature it here.


Creating Games with MonoGame

Read about setting up your first game and see the http://monogame.codeplex.com/documentation for more details.


A good amount of the code, especially things like Vector2 and math classes come from the Mono.Xna http://code.google.com/p/monoxna/ library and SilverSprite project http://silversprite.codeplex.com. Thanks guys!

NOTE : This project is in no way linked with Microsoft or any of it subsidiaries. It is a non-profit, open source project.

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