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Windows 8 Metro Detecting 2 Finger Touch Issue.


I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but hear goes. The game runs just fine using MonoGame for Windows 8 metro. just 1 problem.

This test was done on a Dell Inspiron One (touch screen computer) and a Samsung Series 7 slate. Same results on both devices.

This is a shooting game the control is as follows - 1 Finger to move player around. Another finger to shoot weapon.

So as long as there's 2 fingers touching the screen you should be able to shoot and move around.

Tapping the screen with the second finger while the First finger is already on the screen will register as shooting.(if that makes sense)

Problem is if I'm using 1 finger to move around and take another finger to tap the screen to shoot, The player position will move to the second finger's location. The thing is this doesn't happen all the time. When I first run the game controls work perfect but after awhile the player would move to the second fingers touch position. Very ODD. Eventually after touching all over the screen with several fingers controls will function as intended until several minutes pass where the controls would go wonky again.

If this all sounds strange I even uploaded a video so you can see what I mean.. In this video you will see the code I'm using to try and separate the 2 fingers when detected then it will show what happens during gameplay. Gameplay will show that it's working at first and after awhile sprite position will jump to the second finger.

The video will also show the 2 touch points letting you know 2 fingers are touching the screen. This test was done on a Dell Inspiron One touch screen computer and a Samsung Series 7 slate. Same results on both devices.

Any help in the matter would be appreciate. This is the only thing that's holding me back from submitting it.
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