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Controller Not Responding


Hi, I'm currently working on a MonoGame (v2.5.1) project with some others.
We have two simultaneous builds; a Win7 build running on XNA and an OSX using MonoGame.
The Windows team recently wanted to make the switch to MonoGame since they're about to start adding networking features to the software.

Unfortunately after we removed the XNA references and added MonoGame references and got it to build,
our game no longer responded to 360 controller input.

We searched around for fixes but can't find anything.
(There are a few things pointing the blame at Tao and another guy says he made a fix by copying M$ code but we can't find that code.)

Does anyone have a lead on this issue?

(Also we dl'd and tested the new MonoGame 3.0 too and the gamepad was still unresponsive.)
Closed May 28, 2016 at 8:53 PM by TomSpilman