Monogame - stopping a custom shader (drawable game component) when inside another drawable game component

Hi, I have run into a bit of trouble when using a custom shader (gaussian effect) within another drawable game component, as I cant figure out how to break out of the draw method, so the effect is...

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Delete - Curve won't deserialize properly from XML

EDIT: Sorry, looks like I just got something messed up in my project during conversion from XNA to MonoGame. Now I'm getting the same error in my XNA project, so likely not MonoGame to blame here....

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Error when running the game on Linux

I started a new linux game project on Visual Studio 2013 and coded the game. It's run correctly on Windows, but when running it on linux, I get this error: Missing method .ctor in assembly /home/u...

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Xml To Xnb

Good day everyone, I am new to monogame and had writtend an XNA game for windows 7 now I am converting it to Monogame for win 8 I have successfully converted my XML file to xnb but I still get the ...

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SoundEffects not working MonoGame 3.2

I am a newbie to using MonoGame and C# in general. I am working through the tutorials in the book "XNA 4.0 by Example". However I wanted to do so using MonoGame as XNA has been depricated. I am ...

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SoundEffect Errors on Application Close - Win 8.1 XAML Project

I posted this in the community forum, but I decided to report it since it's significant. Here's the original topic for reference:

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Android 3.2 Resume error

I have upgraded to the latest dev build as I was having issues resuming the appon Android the issue I have now is it calls the ReloadAsset with the correct nameof my XNB but fails to load.Can anyon...

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Missing Project Subtype: MonoGame 3.2 and VS 2013

Using VS 2013 Ultimate and MonoGame 3.2 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit machine. I have never installed other versions of VS or MG on this machine. Started to create my first sample game and encounter...

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Simple application not running smoothly | Android

I am currently developing a soon finished game, but ever since the start i've had troubles with it being "jumpy" (not running smoothly), even tho ive optimzed the code, handled GC in a good way etc...

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How to copy a piece of texture on MonoGame Android ?

I used this code to copy a piece of texture to another texture , it did work on Windows , but on Android it didn't . How can i fix it ? Thanks. Here my code : Texture2D originalTexture = ...

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